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Boundless is devoted to building and supporting tools that help organizations share their information online. We believe that access to knowledge is a fundamental good, so we make our training materials available online under an open document license, for everyone to use and reuse.


The tutorials below are practical walk-throughs of actual application development examples from start to finish, demonstrating different aspects of Suite functionality and the kinds of problems the Suite can solve.

Building a GeoNames Heat Map - (Demo)

This application displays a web-based dynamic heat map, based on querying a database of two million geographic names points for the United States.

Building a Census Map - (Demo)

This application lets you explore over 50 variables of census data, but only uses one style and a few lines of JavaScript code for the interface.

LIDAR Analysis and Visualization

This tutorial walks through loading and analyzing LIDAR data, and visualizing it in 3D using KML and Google Earth.


The following are actual course materials given at our various training classes in New York City and at conferences around the world. As our list of courses grows, we will be posting more materials here.

Introduction to OpenGeo Suite - (Download)
This course will introduce attendees to the OpenGeo Suite, a complete web mapping solution. The course will include an introduction to spatial analysis with PostGIS, loading and serving data with GeoServer, map optimization with GeoWebCache, styling, composing, and publishing maps with GeoExplorer, and creating your own web map applications with OpenLayers and GeoExt.
Introduction to PostGIS - (Download)
As presented at FOSS4G 2011, this workshop introduces the PostGIS spatial database. Installation, loading data, configuration, spatial SQL queries, indexing, tuning and viewing are among the topics touched on in this overview workshop.
Introduction to GeoServer - (Download)
Updated for 2013. Learn to load, style, and publish maps and data using GeoServer.
Introduction to OpenLayers - (Download)
This workshop will show how to create an embedded map, add layers, use controls, add markers and other useful topics for getting started with the OpenLayers JavaScript map component. Updated for OpenLayers 2.13.
Developing OGC Compliant Web Applications with GeoExt - (Download/Readme)
First presented at FOSSGIS 2011, this workshop introduces GeoExt as a web mapping frontend to OGC Web Services (OWS). Create a map application with a WMS browser, a WFS-T editor, and more.
Spatial Database Tips and Tricks
How to use the power of spatial databases to make your web mapping applications more powerful. Spatial SQL queries, binding the web to the database, and web architectures.

More Workshops

Introduction to OpenGeo Suite QGIS plugin
The OpenGeo Suite QGIS plugin is used to configure the components of OpenGeo Suite through QGIS, a free, open source desktop GIS client. If you prefer using a GUI (graphic user interface) to work with geospatial data try out QGIS and our Suite-QGIS plugin!
Introduction to GeoGit
GeoGit is a Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) specially designed to handle geospatial data. It takes inspiration from the source code versioning system Git, but employs an approach best suited to the nature of the spatial data it manages. It is currently under active development.

About these materials

The materials in this site are built using the Sphinx documentation system, and the source for all the materials are available in a public repository and are available for download. If you find an error in the materials, or would like to add a translation, please let us know.

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OpenGeo Suite
OpenGeo Suite bundles PostGIS, GeoServer, GeoWebCache and OpenLayers into one integrated, supported, web mapping application stack. OpenGeo Suite can be integrated into existing infrastructures, deployed stand-alone, or deployed in cloud-computing environments.
Core Development
Boundless employs core committers and steering committee members for all the open source projects we support. That gives you unparalleled access to then talent and connections necessary to get new features built and integrated into the projects.
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