GeoGig Workshop

GeoGig Workshop

Welcome to the GeoGig workshop!


This workshop will introduce attendees to GeoGig, a distributed version control system for geospatial data. We will start with a discussion of distributed version control as applied to the specific case of geospatial data, followed by a hands-on session with the GeoGig command-line interface, and finally the graphical GeoGig interface in QGIS. Attendees will learn how GeoGig can be a key tool in a workflow when managing geospatial data.

The workshop is geared toward those with no prior GeoGig experience, but familiarity with basic GIS concepts is suggested. It will also be useful to have familiarity with the desktop GIS client QGIS, along with Git, the distributed version control system, but neither of these are required.

Prerequisites and software setup

In order to perform this workshop, you will need the following software installed on your system:

In addition, we will be using a plugin for QGIS that comes with a copy of GeoGig bundled inside. This download may be used on all operating systems:

This workshop uses the following bikes dataset:

Topics covered

The following material will be covered in this workshop:

Discussion of versioned geospatial data, common workflows, and the connection with other distributed version control systems.
GeoGig on the command line
A tour of the GeoGig command line interface, including creating and managing commits and branches, as well as merging from different repositories.
GeoGig in QGIS
A tour of the QGIS GeoGig plugin integrating change commits when saving a layer
Sample workflow
Introducing a workflow for a distributed team of GIS analysts and a data manager responsible for approving changes to the product.
For More Information
More information about GeoGig including links and a glossary of terms.

Workshop Materials

The following directories will be found inside of the workshop bundle:

The workshop documentation in HTML format. (This document.)
Data and other project files to be used in the workshop.

These directories should be placed on your desktop.

Ready to Begin?

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Practical walkthroughs of app development examples using OpenGeo Suite.


Course materials given at our various training classes in NYC and conferences around the world.

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