Introduction to GeoServer

Introduction to GeoServer



In this workshop, attendees will learn how to load, publish, style, and share geospatial data with GeoServer. Discussion will include navigating the GeoServer user interface, loading and publishing data, OGC web services, styling data with SLD, and publishing to Google Earth. Also showcased will be GeoExplorer, a browser-based graphical style editor.

The workshop is geared toward those with no prior GeoServer experience, but familiarity with basic GIS concepts is suggested.

Topics covered

The following material will be covered in this workshop:

Installing GeoServer
Installation of GeoServer and all other related software
GeoServer web interface
A tour of the GeoServer Web Administration Interface and how to publish data
Overview of what GeoServer is, including a brief discussion of OGC services
Working with data
Load and manage data in GeoServer
Introduction to Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) and a tour of GeoExplorer, a map browser with graphical style editing capabilities
Google Earth
Integrating GeoServer with Google Earth using the GeoServer built-in KML output
For More Information
More information about GeoServer including links and a glossary of terms

Workshop Materials

The following directories will be found inside of the workshop bundle:

The workshop documentation in HTML format.
The software to be installed during the workshop.
Geospatial data to be used throughout the workshop.
Style files to be used throughout the workshop, including associated graphics.

These directories should be placed on your desktop.

Ready to Begin?

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Practical walkthroughs of app development examples using OpenGeo Suite.


Course materials given at our various training classes in NYC and conferences around the world.

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