Introduction to OpenLayers 3

OpenLayers 3 Workshop

Welcome to the OpenLayers 3 Workshop. This workshop is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of ol3 as a web mapping solution. The exercises assume that you have an HTTP server running locally and can edit text files.

This workshop is presented as a set of modules. In each module the reader will perform a set of tasks designed to achieve a specific goal for that module. Each module builds upon lessons learned in previous modules and is designed to iteratively build up the reader’s knowledge base.

The following modules will be covered in this workshop:


Learn how to add a map to a webpage with ol3.
Layers and sources
Learn about raster and vector layers.
Controls and interactions
Learn about using map controls.

Advanced Topics

Vector styling
Explore vector layers in depth.



Practical walkthroughs of app development examples using OpenGeo Suite.


Course materials given at our various training classes in NYC and conferences around the world.

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