Introduction to PostGIS

3. Installation

We will be using OpenGeo Suite as our software package, as it includes PostGIS/PostgreSQL in a single fast installation for Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux. The Suite also includes GeoServer, OpenLayers, and a number of web visualization utilities.


If you want to install just PostgreSQL, it can also be downloaded directly as source code or binary from the PostgreSQL project site: After installing PostgreSQL, use the “StackBuilder” utility to add the PostGIS extension.


The precise directions in this document are for Windows, but for OS X the installation is largely the same. Once the Suite is installed, the directions for both operating systems should be almost identical.

  1. Find OpenGeo Suite installer for your platform (download from The Windows installer will be named something like opengeosuite-a.b.c.exe, the Mac OS X installer like opengeosuite-a.b.c.dmg). Double click to begin.

  2. Enjoy the warm welcome, courtesy of Boundless, then click Next.

  3. OpenGeo Suite is licensed under the GNU GPL, which is reproduced on the licensing page. Click I Agree.

  4. The directory where OpenGeo Suite will reside is the usual C:\Program Files\ (or C:\Program Files (x86)) location. Click Next.

  5. The installer will create a number of shortcuts in the Boundless folder in the Start Menu. Click Next.

  6. Make sure the PostGIS component and the Client Tools components are selected. Click Next.

  7. Ready for install! Click Install.

  8. The installation process will run for a couple of minutes.

  9. When the installation is complete, launch the Dashboard to start the next section of the workshop! Click Finish.


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