Spatial Database Tips and Tricks

Spatial Database Tips and Tricks Workshop

Mapping APIs are great for data display and capture, but how do you build applications that allow query and geoprocessing of spatial data without becoming a Java or C++ programming guru? How about using the power of SQL, the standard database query language, and the spatial extensions provided by SQL Server, Oracle Spatial and PostGIS.

Getting Started

Workshop Modules

What are spatial databases? What options do you have? What are the plusses and minuses?
How do spatial databases fit into web mapping architecture?
Installing our chosen set of packages for the workshop: PostGIS, GeoServer, OpenLayers.
Base Map with WMS Overlay
Displaying spatial database layers on a web map.
Query Spatial Database from Map Click
Querying the spatial database from a map click.
Analyze Spatial Data from a Map Click
Summarizing information from the spatial database with a map click.
Join Spatial Tables from a Map Click
Summarizing information from two spatial tables with a map click.
Union Geometries inside the Spatial Database
Performing a spatial query and generating the union of all tax lots within particular zoning areas.
Running Arbitrary Spatial SQL
Run any SQL spatial query at all and see the results on the map.
Walk a Sewer Network
Walk down the storm drain network using database calls.
What should you take away from this workshop?



Practical walkthroughs of app development examples using OpenGeo Suite.


Course materials given at our various training classes in NYC and conferences around the world.

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