Introduction to the OpenGeo Suite

Composing a Map

Let’s start composing a custom map by adding some layers from our local GeoServer.

  1. Click the Add Layer button. The Available Layers dialog opens.


    Available Layers list

  2. By default, the list of Available Layers is tuned to our local GeoServer instance. You should recognize some of the layer names from previous chapters.

  3. Make sure that Local GeoServer is selected in the data source drop-down. Select the earthmap group layer and the smallworld feature layer that we previously created in GeoServer, and Add them to the map.


    Available Layers list


    Layers can be added individually by simply double-clicking a row in the list of Available Layers. Alternately, you can Shift/Control + Click to select multiple layers, and then click the Add Layers button at the bottom of the panel.

  4. When your layers have been added, close the Available Layers dialog by clicking Done.

  5. Back on your map, you can re-order your layers by selecting an item, and dragging and dropping it above or below another in the Layers Panel. Re-order your layers, so they appear as follows:

    1. smallworld
    2. earthmap

Our compiled map

Why do the buffers look squished?


The Available Layers window includes our Local GeoServer and a selection of popular mapping services by default. You can add other WMS or WFS services that you know about by following these steps:

  1. Click Add (layer) to open the Available Layers window.

  2. Click the Add a New Server button.


    Adding an external WMS server

  3. Enter a valid URL to a WMS endpoint, and click the Add Server button.


    An example of this would be:

  4. Select your new server’s name in the drop-down list to view all of the layers available from that server that can be added to your map.

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