Introduction to the OpenGeo Suite

Logging in

Thus far in the workshop, we’ve composed a map using the very layers we stored in PostGIS and then published through GeoServer. Now, if we log in to GeoExplorer, we can do some even more exciting things.

  1. Click the Login button on the top right of the Toolbar.


    Login button

  2. Enter your Username and Password as shown and click OK. These credentials are the same as for GeoServer (admin / geoserver by default).


    Login dialog

  3. After logging in successfully, you’ll notice that we have a few more items on the Button Bar available to us.

Button Name Description
../_images/gx_icon_savemap.png Save Map Save the current map configurations (on the server) with a permalink to access this map in the future.
../_images/gx_icon_publish.png Publish Open a wizard for building an embeddable map widget using your current configurations.
../_images/gx_icon_createfeature.png Create New Feature Initiates the workflow to create a new feature in the selected layer.
../_images/gx_icon_editfeature.png Edit Existing Feature Initiates the workflow to edit and/or delete an existing feature in the selected layer.

Additionally, if we select one of the Overlays in the Layer List, the Edit Styles button is now available to us in both the Layer Toolbar and the layer’s context menu.

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