Introduction to the OpenGeo Suite

Publishing data from a file

In this section, we will load a single GeoTIFF from the file-system. This GeoTIFF contains shaded relief for a land area, using standard tri-band RGB values (0-255).

Adding a store

A GeoTIFF is a store that contains a single layer.

  1. From the GeoServer web interface page, click on the Stores link on the left side, under Data.


    Click this link to go to the Stores page

  2. Click on Add new store.


    Stores page

  3. Select GeoTIFF under Raster Data Sources.


    Adding a GeoTIFF store

  4. Fill out the form as follows:



    Should be the default.

    Data Source Name


    This can be anything, but it makes sense to match this with the name of the file.



    Ensures the layer is published. Unchecking will save configuration information only.


    Add any layer description.

    Layer metadata is recommended but not required.

  5. In the box marked URL, type in the full path to the GeoTIFF, or click the Browse button to navigate to the file. This may be something like:


    Configuring a GeoTIFF store

  6. When finished, click Save.

Publishing a layer

After the store is loaded, we need to configure how it is published as a layer.

  1. On the next screen, a list of layers in the store is displayed. Since we are working with a GeoTIFF, there is only a single layer. Click the Publish link to configure the layer.


    Selecting a layer to publish

  2. This is the layer configuration page. There are many settings on this page, most of which we don’t need to work with just now. We will return to some of these settings later. Fill out the form with the following information:

    1. Set the Declared SRS to EPSG:4326 if it isn’t already.
    2. Set the SRS handling to Force declared, again if not already set.
    3. In the Bounding Boxes section, click on the Compute from data and Compute from native bounds links to set the bounding box of the layer.

    Configuring a layer to publish

  3. When finished, click Save. Your GeoTIFF is now published in GeoServer!

Preview your Work

  1. You can now view the layer using the integrated OpenLayers client (using WMS) via the GeoServer Layer Preview. Clicking on the map will display the RGB values for that particular point.


    Viewing the published layer in OpenLayers

Your GeoTIFF has been successfully published in GeoServer!

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