Introduction to the OpenGeo Suite

GeoServer web interface

GeoServer includes a web-based administration interface through which most data/service configurations can be made. This interface lessens the need to edit configuration files by hand.

This section will give a brief overview to the web interface.


The default location of the GeoServer admin interface is http://localhost:8080/geoserver. The initial page is called the Welcome page.


GeoServer Welcome page


For security reasons, most GeoServer configuration tasks require that you log in. By default, the GeoServer administration credentials are admin and geoserver, though these can be changed.

  1. If you haven’t already, launch the GeoServer admin interface http://localhost:8080/geoserver.

  2. Log in using the default credentials.


    Logging in with default credentials

  3. After logging in, many more options will be displayed.


    GeoServer Welcome page with administrative options

Layer Preview

You can use the Layer Preview link to easily view layers currently being served by GeoServer. The Layer Preview page includes quick links for viewing layers using OpenLayers, and other services.

  1. Click on the Layer Preview link, located on the left side under Data.


    Navigating to the Layer Preview page

  2. Preview the layers by clicking on the OpenLayers link next to each layer.


    The Layer Preview page


    Viewing the usa:states layer


Take a look at the contents of the URL in the browser address bar when viewing an OpenLayers map. It is similar in construction to the sample WMS requests made in the Web Map Service (WMS) section. The primary difference is the use of format=application/openlayers as the output format.


Spend some time exploring this interface and its features by clicking through the links on the left. The Demos link in particular contains some helpful utilities for testing and learning about the inner-workings of GeoServer functionality.

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