Introduction to the OpenGeo Suite

Creating a Workspace

The first step in data loading is usually to create a Workspace. This creates a virtual container for your project data. Multiple layers from multiple sources can be contained inside a workspace, with the provision that each layer name is unique within the workspace.

  1. Navigate to the main GeoServer web interface page.

  2. Click on the Workspaces link on the left column, under Data.


    Click to go to the Workspaces page

  3. Click the Add new workspace link at the top center of the page.


    Workspaces page

  4. A workspace is comprised of a Name (also sometimes known as a “namespace prefix”), represented by a few characters, and a Namespace URI. These two fields must uniquely identify the workspace. Fill in the following information:



    Namespace URI

    Default workspace



    Creating a new workspace

  5. When done, click Submit.

With our workspace created, we can load our data files.

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