Introduction to the OpenGeo Suite

Installing OpenGeo Suite

In this section we will install OpenGeo Suite on your workshop machine.


The OpenGeo Suite executable file is located in the workshop package in the software folder.


During this installation, please keep all of the default settings.

  1. Double-click the file OpenGeoSuite-<version>.exe to begin the installation.


    On some systems, you might see a Windows Security warning. We promise the software is safe, so click Run to launch the installer.

  2. At the Welcome screen, click Next.


    OpenGeo Suite installation Welcome screen

  3. Read the License Agreement, then click I Agree.


    License Agreement

  4. Select the Destination Folder where you would like to install OpenGeo Suite, and click Next.


    Destination folder for the installation

  5. Select the name and location of the Start Menu Folder that will be created for the Suite components, and click Next.


    Start Menu Folder to be created for the installation

  6. Choose the components you wish to install.


    Component selection

  7. We will be using the pgAdmin and psql components in this workshop. They are found in the Client Tools tree. Check these two components and click guilabel:Next.


    Selecting PostGIS client tools

  8. When you are ready, click Install to start the installation.


    Ready to install

  9. Please wait while the installation proceeds.


    Installation progress

  10. After installation, click Finish.


    OpenGeo Suite has been installed

Starting and stopping services

OpenGeo Suite has been installed and is now running by default. There are two system services related to OpenGeo Suite:

  • OpenGeo Jetty - Controls GeoServer and other web applications
  • OpenGeo Postgres - Controls PostgreSQL/PostGIS database

You can start and stop these services from the Start Menu by going to OpenGeo Suite ‣ GeoServer/PostGIS ‣ Start/Stop


Start Menu entries for starting and stopping OpenGeo Suite services

You can also start and stop these services through the standard Windows Services dialog.

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