Introduction to the OpenGeo Suite

Workshop materials


The following are the high-level tasks that we’ll accomplish:

  1. PostGIS
    • Spatial database overview
    • Create a spatial database
    • Load shapefiles into database tables
    • Introduce some basic functions and operations
  2. GeoServer
    • GeoServer concepts
    • Basic GeoServer administration tasks
    • Load data into GeoServer from PostGIS tables and files
    • Publish that data through web services
  3. GeoExplorer
    • GeoExplorer background
    • View, compose, and publish maps
    • Edit geospatial data
  4. GeoWebCache
    • Introduce tile caching concepts
    • Strategies for tile caching
    • Accelerate map rendering with tile caching
  5. OpenLayers & GeoExt
    • Introduce very basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    • Use OpenLayers and GeoExt to create a desktop-like map application in a web browser

Data package

We will assume that the contents of the workshop package is located on your desktop:


In this case, <user> is your local user’s home directory. In a Windows installation, this is typically:


For example:



We wil refer to the workshop directory as <workshop> throughout the course.

In some cases, we’ll be adding and/or saving files to a Tomcat virtual directory. This is located at:


or more generally at:



On Linux, the data directory is located at /var/lib/opengeo/geoserver, and on OS X, at ~/Library/Application Support/GeoServer/data_dir


  • <workshop>\data - Spatial data used in the examples.
  • <workshop>\doc - Workshop text (this document).
  • <workshop>\html - Template HTML files and images.
  • <workshop>\sql - SQL files used in the PostGIS section.
  • <workshop>\styles - Styling directives for the spatial data used throughout this workshop.

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